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None of these sculptures follows the traditional methods of making sculptures by chipping away from a block or modelling in clay. My sculptures are built using layers of wood that are patiently glued together, obeying the requests of the wood itself. Therefore I might have a specific form in mind at a particular stage, however, this could easily alter, suggested by the decisions of the wood itself. It is interesting to note that working with layers of wood is similar to working with layers of paint.

When building these sculptures I am often thinking of boat makers, since the work resembles the craft of boat making, where an internal structure is used for the wood to bend over it, so that it supports the curvatures. A few of them take the shape of sailing boats. There is a piece, ‘Sculpture #176’ that started off resembling a sail, but gradually it took the shape of a book, just about to open. It just happens that both share a common experience since they both carry us on a journey of life through time and space.

When I stare for a long at these sculptures, I feel as if I am surrounded by large colourful toys. Perhaps these replace the toys that I did not possess as a child because they were scarce. Even then we improvised our toys; they were also handmade. There are desires that unless fulfilled never become extinct. Memory moulds our present therefore in every step we take we carry part of the step we left behind. In every act, we execute today a hint of yesterday is revealed.



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