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The number of commissions that I executed for public areas in hotels, offices and as well as private homes has presented some important challenges. All the work and experimentation that took place in my studio had to be finally tested. The exercise is not as easy as it seems because I was not simply concerned with putting any painting anywhere. My biggest task was to avoid repeating myself since Malta is so small and the places are so near each other and visited by the same crowd. I had to somehow respect the identity of each place as well as my own identity. As with the graphics, I attempted to make use of the work that was going on at that particular time. For instance, the works I presented for the Intercontinental reflect the time I was dealing with copper, whilst the works at KPMG depict my works using stainless steel. The murals for Sir Adrian School reflect my sculptures. The rest refer to the paintings that I was doing at that particular period.

I have often remarked on the misconceptions that some people have regarding the works found in public places, which they regard as being commercial and therefore have less value. It is very much the contrary. Such work is done with a lot of commitment, since it becomes public and therefore on permanent display, unlike that of an exhibition. It has to go through a test of time and therefore test its permanency.

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