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P O R T R A I T S 

I have been always fascinated by faces. My earliest drawings consisted of faces. The dominant subject matter of my early paintings has been people and faces. This shows my concern for human beings since the questions regarding the purpose of making art concern man. I have been always amazed by the fact that in such a small area, as a face, one can discover so much variety. If we look at a crowd of a thousand people, we are always able to identify each person. This I regard as a tremendous gesture of creativity that nature expresses. I can anticipate failure if I had to attempt a similar gesture; taking a thousand circles and in each circle, I try to design a thousand different compositions. What is more surprising is that not only the features are different but each contains a distinct personality, aura, and expression. For me this is magic. Consequently one may imagine how difficult it is to capture all this in a painting. Portraiture is not just about the resemblance of the features, it is above all about revealing some of the soul of the person being depicted. I have selected here only a few portraits out of the hundreds I have executed.

© 2013 lucianomicallef

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