F U S E D  G L A S S 


Glass is a most fascinating medium that I started discovering in recent years. In 2006 I was artist in residence at the Australian National University in Canberra where I had the opportunity to be introduced to glass fusion. 

Soon after my return from Australia I was commissioned to execute a large painting for a modern church in Malta as well as the design of three large windows. This was the right time to be involved in making some artwork in glass. In a few months I attended a short term course for glass fusion in Bristol in the UK and soon after I set up a workshop in my studio to work entirely with glass. During that summer I also attended the well known Derix Glass studio in Wiesbaden, Germany which was one of the most important experiences for a better undertstanding of the implications of glass techniques. Over the months that followed I executed the 4 metre high windows for the church together with a series of small free standing glass sculptures.  

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